bmb jewels

BMB Jewels is the culmination of a dream; of the desire to create a brand that conveys elegance and glamour to the world of women. The unique pieces in noble colours stand out for their elegance, originality, and fineness. The same features that personalize Bárbara Borda, and that make of her creations a synonymous of passion and strong emotions.



A space located in the traditional area of Porto - the Aviz -, where one can breathe beauty and romanticism down to the smallest detail. The unique and delicate pieces of gold, silver, and gemstones merge into the gold used in the decorative details, creating a perfect symbiosis between BMB collections and the workshop that accommodates them.


Inspired by the beauty and energy of natural elements, BMB Jewels is characterized by its lightness and organicity. The contour and texture of tree leaves, the power of the stars, and their symbolism; the colours of flowers and petals, and the strength and elegance of wild animals are the inspiration of her collections. All these natural elements get involved to the nature of woman, to then raise and strengthen it further.

The careful selection of gemstones that best match with gold and silver, turn her creations into unique, unforgettable pieces.